Altitude with Attitude

Fly in style with this limited edition collaboration between HOCH.CO and Southwest Airlines. It’s retro runway that you can wear every day. Don’t miss the arrival on July 11th, only in the Southwest Store.


I’m Andrew, a self-proclaimed Southwest superfan. Every year for my birthday, I work on a personal project and a few years back, I set out to make a merch line for Southwest. I created a concept line of merch and posted on social media.

I pledged to create a new mockup of on every flight I took until something landed in the store. Nearly 30 concepts later and almost 2 years, it finally happened.

The HOCH.CO x Southwest landing gear arrives on July 11, 2023. 

Photography: Raymond Alva (RAP)   |   Photography Assistant: Miguel Esparza  |   Copywriting & Development: Jordan & Kelli Ayotte

 Models: Emily Poulin, The Ayotte Family, Andy Palomares  |    Motion Graphics: Wade Acuff

Southwest Team Collaborators: Michael Kasberg & Team

Lyrics: Andrew Hochradel and Johnny Knittle   |    Music: Johnny Knittle  |   Vocal contractor: Hi Lo Singers 
Lead vocalist: Damien Edwards  |   Background Vocalists: Matt Norriss, Dominic Veall, Marianne Johnson, Emma Secher